Teenage Acne – Face is the Target


Acne is common among teenagers especially girls. There is some strange connection between acne and teenagers. During those growing years when one wants to look the best, acne in some ensures that this isn’t be the same. Right? How many of us have faced acne during our teen years and really cursed it for targeting our face. Not a pleasant sight at all.

More Acne in Detail,

Acne is also known as pimple, zit or spot. They are tiny skin eruptions on the face with reddish marks due to excess oil in the pores of the skin. Each of us has a different skin type, mostly being oily or dry. Now for people, who have dry skin, need not fret about pimples. It doesn’t happen to their skin type at all. It is those with oily skin that need to be anxious about pimples outburst on their skin, especially the face. The inflammation that arises on the face is due to sebaceous glands which produce a substance called sebum. Due to excessive functioning of sebaceous glands, sebum release increases and hence causing acne. Oily skin type has hyper active oil producing glands which cause the unnecessary outrage on the face.

Most of the times, acne targets the face. Especially the cheeks and forehead. Very rarely do we have it on our nose or chin. Thank God for small mercies in life. But most of the damage is already done when acne decides to erupt on your cheeks and foreheads, thus covering most of our face. There are red spots with inflammation that gets formed and it always occurs in a huge number. They are very painful and infectious in nature. That’s acne for you!

Remedies available – Medical Way,

  • There are a lot of OTC (Over The Counter) products available in the market. They are available in both cream and gel based forms. Depending on the acne, use the medication as advised
  • If the acne is excessive, please consult a dermatologist who will suggest treatments for the same
  • Maintain a good hygiene by washing your face regularly with mild face wash. Ensure you gently dab the areas

Naturally a suggestion,

  • Apply lemon juice on your face before going to bed
  • Try ice packs for your face
  • Inhale steam
  • Turmeric is an ancient healer

Final Do’s and don’ts,


  • Use a mild face wash
  • Dab your face gently
  • Ensure hygiene
  • Regularly wash your face
  • Drink lots of water
  • Wash your hands regularly and keep free from germs


  • Never try to burst the pimple, they leave scars
  • Do not use the same cloth every time
  • Do not prick the acne with any sharp instrument
  • Be careful, it is infectious, do not touch them with unclean hands

 Having said all this, we know that pimples tend to leave a scar. Please be careful with scars on your face because they damage the skin. Acne tends to leave scars behind either small or lost – lasting. Ensure a safe treatment and take care of your skin.

Zoe Saldana quotes, “Glamour is about feeling good in your in your own skin”!

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Oral Ulcers – Terror Within!


How many of have suffered from Mouth Ulcers? Surely, a lot us have endured this pain in our mouth at some point in time. There are known by various names, oral ulcers, mouth ulcers or mucosal ulcers. They all mean the same – silent suffering for a short time. Even though oral ulcers do not last a long time, the little time they spend in our mouth is onerous to bear. Don’t you all agree?

For those of you who do not what mouth ulcers are, let us dwell about them in a little more detail.

More Information,

Oral ulcers are minor but aching swelling that is formed in the mouth. They are very common and occur in kids and adults, but are not a serious cause to fret. These ulcers appear often on the sides of one’s cheek, on your tongue or on the inside of your lips including upper and lower lips. Can be very painful when brushing your teeth, drinking or even while eating food especially spicy food.


There are different types of ulcers including minor, major and herpitform. Minor are the ones that cause less agony while major causes excruciating pain. Lots of smaller ulcers form a herpitform and then you can imagine the amount of torment it comes with.


The cause of these ulcers is not definite. We are not able to pin point to a stimulus for a reaction. There are speculations that state mouth ulcers are due to calcium deficiency in a body or due to an illness or citric items can trigger these open sores. Hence, it is very grueling to know the reason as to why an ulcer is caused in our mouth which in turn makes it difficult for a definite remedy.

Preventive Measures,

Even though the exact root cause of an ulcer is unknown, we definitely can chalk out the aversive ways. Though there is no cure for mouth ulcers, the frequency of its occurrence can be lessened. But the below methods can be significant,

  • Maintain a great dental hygiene by ensuring clean oral habits
  • Regular flossing is required
  • Use a soft or super soft toothbrush
  • Do not eat spicy food that can trigger the pain
  • Avoid acidic items which accelerate the oral suffering

Belief to Relief,

For those adamant little fellows who do not budge easily and cause tremendous pain, there is relief in the market to reduce the agony. There are medicated gels which can be applied to affected area to reduce the level of pain. These gels have a cooling effect on the open sores which calms the ulcer to a considerable extent.

Finally Home,

There are a few home remedies for ulcer like,

  • Rub ice cube to ease pain or rinse with cold water
  • Chew a few Tulsi leaves, which has immense medicinal value
  • Poppy seeds are a very soothing solution, chew a few
  • Chewing dry coconut is very helpful
  • Drink coconut water which is a coolant to your body

With this one can definitely feel a bit more relaxed and smile a little more.

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